Sunday, August 30, 2015

Body Fat % - Yours?

What is the ideal body fat percentage?
Men and women both require a different body fat percentage. Also, the 
ideal body fat percentage changes with age.
For Women
Age 20-40 years–Ideally,the body fat percentage should be between 21-33% 
Anything over 39% indicates obesity.
Age 41-60 years-The ideal range for this age-group is-23-35% 
Anything above 40% could indicate obesity.
Age 61-79 years-People in this age-group should have 25-37% body fat. 
Above 42% of body fat is a cause for concern as it indicates obesity.
For Men.
Age 20-40 years-The healthy range for men in this group is 8-19%. 
Anything above 25% indicates obesity.
Age 41-60years-Ideally,the body fat percentage for men should be 11-22%. 
If it is above 27% then it is a cause for concern.
Age 61-79 years-Men in this age-group should have 13-25% body fat. 
If the body fat percentage is above 30% it indicates obesity and is not 
at all healthy.
How do you calculate your Body Fat. The simplest way to calculate body fat is using callipers. However, calculating your body fat accurately can be more tedious and expensive.

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