Thursday, August 4, 2016

[ Knee Pain ]

Discomfort in the knees can make everyday tasks seem pretty daunting, from having to walk, to climbing up stairs. Yet, while ensuring that your knees get enough rest is important, keeping your bones and muscles strong by engaging in these knee exercises  will help alleviate the pain.Effective home remedies to treat knee pain may also prove to be helpful, but adding to all of this, one remedy you should try is acupressure. Working on specific points, located in your knees can speed up your recovery. Here are some of the vital acupressure points located in this area:
 Before you start: If you have a serious illness or life-threatening disease such as heart disease or cancer, consult with a professional before practicing acupressure. Drink plenty of warm water after the massage. This will help clear away toxic substances in the body.
Point A: Calf's Nose:-

Point B: Sunny Side of the Mountain
knee acupressure points
Location: This point is located on the outside of the lower leg, below and in front of the top 
of the shinbone.
Benefits: Massaging this point will relieve excessive knee pain, muscular tension, aches 
and muscle strains.
Point C: Three Mile Point:-
knee acupressure points
Location: Measure four finger widths below the kneecap and located just on the 
outside the shinbone Three Mile Point.
Applying pressure to this point will strengthen your whole body, tone your muscles and 
relieve knee pain.
Point D: Commanding Activity.

Location: On the outside of the knee, just where the crease ends when the knee
 is bent, you will find the Commanding Activity point.
Benefits: Apply pressure here to relieve knee pain and stiffness.

Point E: Nourishing Valley

Location: On the inner edge of the knee crease, in the hollow between the two tendons.

Benefits: This point alleviates knee pain and abdominal pain.

Point F: Crooked Spring:-

Location: This point is located on the inside of the knee, just where the crease ends when 
the knee is bent.
Benefits: Massaging this point relieves knee pain, fibroids and swelling in the knee.

Point G: Shady Side of the Mountain
Located just below the kneecap in the outer indentation.
Benefits: Massaging this point will help relieve knee pain, knee stiffness,
 rheumatism of the feet and edema.