Monday, April 25, 2016

[ A Pain in the Neck etc,etc.]

These Simple Exercises Will Alleviate Pain in the Neck and Shoulders.

A crick in the neck can be irritating, painful, and can even cause headaches and upper back pain. To alleviate the tension you might be experiencing in your neck, there are a number of natural treatments you can try at home. In addition, the following simple exercises and stretches are also effective for treating neck and shoulder pain. Most of the exercises below can be performed while sitting or standing, holding each stretch for 30 seconds, or a minimum of five to 10 breaths. For instant relief, take a long, hot shower to help loosen the muscles prior to exercising.

Set 1: Relieve Neck Tension

Benefits: The following exercises will help relieve tension in the neck. These simple stretches alleviate neck muscle strain, whiplash (or neck sprain), cervical nerve stretch syndrome or wryneck (a condition in which the head becomes angled to one side and is often associated with painful muscle spasms).

Technique: Look forward and keep your head up. Keep your hands behind your back. Slowly move your ear towards your shoulder. Do not lift your shoulders up when you tilt your neck to the side.

2. Rotating Neck Stretch

Technique: Keep your spine in an upright position, with your shoulders still and your head up. Rotate your chin gently toward your shoulder. While holding the stretch, do not let your chin fall towards your shoulders - keep it parallel to the floor.

3. Forward Flexion Neck Stretch.

4. Diagonal Flexion Neck Stretch

Technique.: In an upright position, with your shoulders relaxed and your hands by your side, allow your chin to fall forward toward your chest. Then, lean your head to one side, gently. Do not overstretch your neck by forcing your head downward. Relax and let the weight of your head do the stretching for you.

5. Neck Extension Stretch

: Stand in an upright position with your hands by your side. Ensure that your shoulders are relaxed. Lift your head, looking upwards. Keep your mouth closed and your teeth together.

6. Neck Protraction Stretch.

: Keep your head up, chin parallel to the floor, then push your head forward, sticking your chin out. Throughout the stretch, keep your head up and do not let your chin fall towards the ground.>

7. Sitting Neck Flexion Stretch.