Monday, September 21, 2015

[ 14 Member Team Worked 7 years to Bring Out Nutrition Guide.( Times News NET WORK ) ]

How many calories of a plate of 3 Idlies add to your system? Do you use a ladle or a spoon for the second helping of sambar?. Now an atlas of Indian food brought out by Madras Diabetes Research Foundation (MDRF) promises to be a directive nutrition table to thouse who don't watch what they eat.
MDRF Founder Dr.N.Mohan said a team of 14 people - endocrinologists dietitians and nutritionists included worked on the project for 7 years tasting and testing everyday cuisine from across India to bring out the atlas. "Apart from being a health guide to people the atlas will aid dietitians,public health and wellness center and hospitals to assess dietary complications" said Dr.Mohan.
The atlas features calorific values and pictures of 200 food items, along with different portion sizes and choices of breakfast,lunch, and dinner It includes snacks fruits,beverages,and sweets."It specifies the energy,macro nutrients and dietary fiber component in each item. It also has details of portion tools like table spoons,ladles and cups so the user can be specific while following a diet" said MDRF vice President Dr.R.M.Anjana.The 200 items were shortlisted from a database of 5,000 food items across the country.The samples were collected from different households and catering outlets before being analysed in a leb. "While the western cuisine is very chaotic. So we have arrived at an average nutrition level ratio" said Dr.Mohan.
Nutrition Society of India president Dr.Anura Kurpad said the atlas seeks to demystify nutritional details of food items that are commonly consumed by Indians."Studies show that approximately 100 million people migrate between different towns and states with in the country,and end up changing their diet according to the region.This atlas would be of great help to people like IT professionals who keep changing their place of stay"said Dr.Kurpad.
Food and drugs have different impact on different people depending on lifestyle and metabolic rate,said Dr.M.D.Nair, a health care consultant."the atlas comes close to analyzing food in a personalized manner"he said
Dr.Anura Kurpad.
Times of India Published Article.

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