Saturday, September 26, 2015

My Worries.

Another friend of mine who was diabetic while we were having a buffet lunch was eating much less than what I had on my plate.I asked him why he is dieting when he is normal.He said he is over weight by 2 kg and needs to reduce his weight since he is diabetic.I asked him if he will get rid of diabetics if he reduces by 2 kg.He said no I will keep my diabetes under control.My immediate concern was what was my weight.I asked my friend how did you know by reducing your weight you can control your diabetes.He said his doctor told him so.I did not like to ask further questions since I had a fear he would ask me if I was diabetic.The next day I informed the security that as soon as the doctor comes he must see me. What ever the doctor thought of my strange request I did not ask but I told him that I wanted to know my weight and how much was more that was required to be reduced to keep my weight to diabetic standards.With out a thought to my question he said reduce by 3 kg in next 3 months.I calculated 3 months 3 Kg and each month 1 kg and 30 days 33.33 gms/day.Now I needed a weighing machine to weigh my food intake when ever I had to eat.I told my wife to reduce 33 gms of rice in my food daily.She said get me a weighing machine and I will do it.I could not find a weighing machine with 1 gm division and I had to go to Bombay so I thought I will get it from there.I went to Bombay did my work had my drinks and dinner to my hearts content as I would have to reduce 33 gms after returning back to my place.I had no time to buy a 1 kg weighing machine.

I used to bring some gifts to my kids when ever I visited Bombay and as soon as my driver kept my suitcases and left my children opened the suit case took their gifts and drinking a can of Coke came to thank me.My wife asked me if I had bought the weighing machine.I kept mum she kept mum.

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